RSA Claims Spotlight: Overcoming a devastating factory fire

Two men shaking hands

A year ago, a devastating fire took down a client’s Factory in Quebec. 

About 75 firefighters responded to the call, but the fight to contain the fire was complicated by the overall size of the factory, and as a result of numerous renovations that had been made to it over the years. To make matters even worse, the factory was mainly built of wood and steel that made it difficult for the firefighters to contain the blaze. The fire was safely put out overnight, but it left the owners and the 85 affected employees in a state of shock.

After months of support and dedicated service from our Claims Specialist John Wales, our client was back in business. The claim was handled as part of our Project Managed Claims initiative that puts the customer front and centre. Our own large loss examiner works directly with the client and the vendor team from the start to come up with solutions tailored to our customer’s unique needs. “We were able to provide a level of comfort to the people impacted by the fire, assuring them that decisions and financial factors would be treated with urgency, so they could rebuild and repair,” said John. “Being able to start producing as soon as possible was a critical issue for our client. We were able to provide them with the support they needed, to get their business back on track as quickly as possible.”

John’s role when handling a claim utilizing our Project Managed Claims approach is to assist the Insured in leveraging the full value of the policy coverage available.  This includes developing and implementing a detailed project plan for reinstatement that includes an outline of important resources, milestone dates, risks and dependency issues, as well as defining the roles and responsibility of everyone involved.  In addition we include a process to clear and mitigate any roadblocks or challenges that may developed.  John incorporated all of these steps in his detailed project plan for the claim, and the results paid off!

In recognition of John’s contributions in the claims process, he received an invitation from the Government of Quebec to attend a press conference in late 2019 at the clients’ new location. The clients’ president spoke to the media and dignitaries, and thanked RSA for being a great partner and supporting his company every step of the journey. We are #RSAProud to be recognized publically for our efforts.

To learn more about what to expect during the claims process, please visit our claims page.