RSA declares a truce on the streets of Toronto


Road safety in Canada has been a growing concern for Canadians in the past few years, as the number of road incidents and deaths continue to rise every year. At RSA, we are committed to exploring new ways to promote road safety and, in 2018, we declared a truce on the streets of Toronto in an effort to prevent the needless injuries and deaths. Unlike other organizations, we are tackling this issue from the unique perspective as a mediator between pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to boost harmony on our streets. 

Entitled TruceTO, the initiative started as a pilot in Toronto with plans to expand across the country in other large cities. The ongoing campaign offers Canadians an opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions in improving road safety, and to participate in awareness-building activities such as quizzes, podcasts and social media dialogue. From May to November 2018, our social media content, which included road safety tips and links to a series of StreetPeace podcasts, generated more than double the industry average for social media engagement. We also spread the word via 105 news stories in top-tier media outlets including the CBC, CityTV, CP24 and CFRB 1010, totalling more than 12 million impressions. 

Looking forward to 2019, we plan to continue our education efforts which include additional podcasts, road safety videos and tip sheets in partnership with DriveWise, an industry leader in safety and professional driver training. We also plan to share these resources with our broker partners as useful tools that they can give to customers to keep them safe on our roads, regardless of where they live in the country. 

As one of Canada’s leading property and casualty insurers, our purpose is to Make Life Better Together. Our partnership with our brokers is key to achieving this purpose. Together, we’ve been providing customers with peace of mind by helping them get back on their feet when they needed us the most. From fires, flooding and everything in between. TruceTO is an extension of this commitment. Every one of us uses the street. We just need to get better at sharing.

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