Combatting Climate Change During the Holidays

A partnership between RSA and the WWF

This past holiday season, RSA Canada wanted to give back to both our brokers and our community. Starting early December, we asked RSA Brokers to update their contact information in exchange for a $1 donation to the World Wildlife Foundation Canada (WWF-Canada). The campaign ended mid-January and was a great success. Thanks to our brokers, we were able to raise a donation of almost $5,000 to support and further fund WWF-Canada and their efforts.

RSA Canada has partnered with WWF-Canada to play a larger role in taking action against the climate crisis. It is important that organizations work together on a larger scale like this to mitigate the future impacts of extreme weather and build resiliency against its damaging effects. Through the support and funding from RSA Canada, WWF-Canada is working to collaborate with community partners to assess vulnerabilities and develop adaptation plans that include building national infrastructure. Learn more about how this partnership aims to build climate-resilient communities.

With climate change impacting insurers, brokers and customers all-around, a partnership with WWF Canada allows RSA to ensure that the right information and proper tools are in place. Brokers need to be able to have credibility when outlining preventative measures to their customers that will help mitigate climate-related risk.

We greatly appreciate brokers’ participation throughout this campaign and contributing to its great success. We will be donating the amount raised to WWF-Canada as we know it will contribute to the work they are doing to fight climate change.  This has been a great example of a community coming together for this cause and we look forward to what we can accomplish in the future. 


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