Hot work risk control guidance


Hot work (HW) is any temporary process or activity that generates open flame or produces heat and/or sparks (e.g. welding and cutting). HW-initiated fires are one of the top causes of industry fires, yet they are 100% preventable.

Following a comprehensive review of common hot-work claims, we developed new guidelines to help customer control HW. Download the following material to share with your clients:

  • HW fire prevention quick tips: Here are five steps to take to prevent HW fires
  • Comprehensive HW guidelines: Here are detailed procedures proven to work to prevent HW fires

If you have any questions about our risk control and claims services, please contact any of the following individuals:

Risk Control

Dom Lopes, AVP, Property Underwriting & Engineering
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Al Bruno, Director, Risk Control Services
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Claims Relationship Managers

Ryan Jones – National 
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Petra Blundell - Eastern Region
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Richard Andronowich – Western Region
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